Middlesbrough’s little slice of Italy: restaurant review

Nestled within the hustle and bustle of Middlesbrough’s streets lies a slice of Italy, named Uno Ristorante, the bold lights screaming out into the streets as the night dawns over the town welcoming you with a warm embrace.

Even at rush hour when gridlock rules the roads, the scent of freshly made pasta, garlic and pesto greets you as you enter the doors. Enticing the romantic couples and families trying to imagine what life would be like in their very own part of sun drenched Italy.

Greeted by the friendly hostess as we entered the aroma of freshly made food, and romantically lit room was beautiful and warm.

After revealing to the hostess the name we had booked under, she gracefully showed us to the quaint bar where we were able to grab a quick refreshment.

Yet again we were met by a friendly waiter who delivered a swift service to those waiting.

The bar was stocked with a range of beverages, from wine to your soft drinks perfect for everyone’s personal preferences.

Once some of us grabbed a drink our table was quickly prepared for us to be seated.

Our waiter then charmingly escorted us to our table.

The soft music gently carried us to our seats, drowning out the sound of roaring engines from the streets allowing you to escape into a sense of relaxation.

Once handed the menu, we were sat in awe at the food to choose from.

From freshly made pasta and oven baked pizza to lasagne the choices were endless.

Peering over the menu and seeing the food being held high, ready to serve with the steam rising rapidly from the food made to decision that much harder.

The friendly and polite waiter greeted us and then proceeded to take everyone’s order.

One by one everyone ordered and sat in suspense waiting for their food, each time the kitchen door opened the whole restaurant stood to attention.

An overwhelming excitement swept across our group as the food was heading towards our table, as the food was placed in front everyone, the suspense settled.

Everyone’s face lit up with joy as they began to tuck in. Whole large pizzas and garlic bread filling the table, bowls filled to the brim with all different types of pasta which had been beautifully constructed.

Each dish it’s very own work of art.

My lasagne was a beautifully constructed mound on my plate was covered in sun-kissed melting cheese, which slowly cascaded down the sides filling the dish.

A relaxing silence filled the table as people began to take their first bite.

The meal was of extraordinary proportion filling the deep dish completely.

Perfect size to fill anyone up.

As my knife cut through each layer revealing the sauce as it poured out, the fresh and rich tomato sauce was in perfect rhythm with the texture of the minced beef.

Each sheet of freshly made pasta topped with another layer luxuriant tomato and minced beef creating the perfect lavish meal.

The creamy texture of the white sauce created a balanced texture to the mince, as the stringy cheese continued to melt and wrap around the fork adding further to the rich flavour of the creamy white sauce.

Each ingredient complementing each other, dancing across your taste buds making the flavourful meal a pleasure to enjoy.

It was a great luxury to be able to enjoy a meal of that proportion and flavour at such an affordable price.

As I took my last bite, enjoying the last of the beautiful dish I simply was able to sit and enjoyed the company of my group.

The finale to the evening was the sound of a loud bass drum being played as the waiters positioned the huge cake on the table. With the lights dimmed even further all attention was on the dancing flames on the cake.

Everyone in the restaurant serenaded the birthday girl, wishing her the best birthday.

Once the candles were blown out people cheered and applauded.

It was the perfect end to the beautiful evening celebrating my friend’s birthday.

As we all got up to pay we were further greeted by friendly staff who proceeded to efficiently assure we had the best evening possible.

Everyone beaming with happiness, left the restaurant questioning when we would next return to enjoy another evening with beautiful people and such indulgent food.

Jane Copping, An Occupational therapy student at Teesside University and customer at Uno Ristorante, described the evening as “wonderful, the service was quick especially for the amount of people that were in our party. The staff were really friendly and helpful, ensuring that were having the best experience possible.

“With a great atmosphere, wide variety of choices for food on the menu and the amount of food you get makes it good value for money making it great for large parties.”