Great: Restaurant review of the Middlesbrough eatery

The interior brings a rustic Greek-diner vibe which is cool and slick, a lot like the owner Dimi Konstantopoulous.

The Middlesbrough promotion-winning goalkeeper has produced a gem in this little eaterie which brings a slice of Greece to Teesside.

The patterned floor tiles are beautiful and provide a solid centrepiece to the restaurant – close to where Dimi’s shirts hang proudly on the wall.

The menu is crisp and clean and very reasonably priced, ranging from £2.10 to £11.90.

Halloumi brings a lovely strong cheese taste, but even if you’re not a cheese fan it’s not too overpowering.

There is just enough oil and the texture is as you would expect from Halloumi, it’s rubbery – but in a good way.

Trying to save money? Portion sizes are spot on, you could easily share as you get about five pieces of a decent size.

If you love Nandos Halloumi, this is a fantastic competitor.

Greek Sausage brings a big portion with fantastic presentation.

The smoky taste of the sausages work well with the spicy paprika sauce, which isn’t too hot.

Four pitta breads come with the meal alongside a few pieces of pork.

The succulant, juicy taste is gorgeous and sits lovely on the tastebuds.

Very filling, bargain for the price of £7.95.

Greek Sausage: One of the mains at Great

The Kebab wrap arrives in a pitta bread, with a choice of sauce.

Two kebab sausages fill the pitta along with chips and salad.

The herby, hearty sausages are tasty and juicy.

Well worth the £4.95.

Chips Comple is a side which can easily be shared between two people.

The homemade chunky country style chips are topped with ‘Great sauce’ and parmesan. The sauce is a kind of mild curry, very moreish.

We went during the day, it was quiet but nice, it’s probably a lot busier on a night with a different vibe.

Takeaway is available though so there’s no issue with waiting for a table.

Can’t fault it.