Bake Off Takes Off with Students

WITH its dynamic duo hosts, endless witty innuendos and fabulous array of baked delights, it might be imagined that The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) would command a strictly older audience.

But students, it seems, can’t get enough of the weekly cake fest – tuning in in their millions to catch up on the goings-on inside the Bake Off tent.

What’s most surprising about this quaint and lovable baking show is the audience that it attracts. A huge proportion of the viewership of this show are people of the 18-35 age range, on a channel which is primarily viewed by those 65 and over.

For GBBO to achieve this, is a huge achievement and its success has also been boosted by their younger audience as every Wednesday the internet explodes with people talking about the most recent episode which has helped attract new viewers year-on-year.

The first episode of series seven attracted 11.2 million viewers on the night of its broadcast, just under half of the total TV audience. The only thing that has attained more viewers this year was the final of Euro 2016 in July.

So, what makes the show as popular as it is and what is it that appeals to the younger members of its audience?

Victoria Milner, 20, a teaching student and avid GBBO watcher said: “Well it’s not your standard cooking show, they have actually made it so it appeals to pretty much everyone.

“Mel and Sue are hilarious, Paul and Mary are like an old married couple and the mix of contestants are always varied yet they all get on so well.

“Oh and obviously the food is amazing.”

On September 12 2016 it was announced that the show will be moving to Channel 4 after they managed to outbid the BBC for the rights of the show.

This has triggered an uproar amongst fans as they believe that the show is doomed to fail on Channel 4 with Mel, Sue and octogenarian judge, Mary Berry, all leaving the show to stay with the BBC.

Victoria thinks that the change is an outrage which will lose viewers.

“They’ve lost pretty much everything that makes the show what it is, so I highly doubt I will be watching,” she added.

With the final of the current series due to be aired on October 26, the whole country is on tenterhooks to see who of the three finalists will come out on top in the last episode to be broadcast on the BBC.

Whether or not the show lives on over on Channel 4 is yet to be seen.